NCCWSL and application

NCCWSL 2024 Conference is May 30- June 1, 2024.

“National conference for College Women Student Leaders” Scholarship Opportunity and is held in Washington DC. Registration is due by Friday, March 15th.

Application – AAUW NCCWSL Application 2024

Learn more  2024 NCCWSL Registration Is Now Open

NCCWSL poster to download.

Submit application for Scholarship Consideration to:
AAUW La Crosse Branch
Jan Eriksen, or (608) 787-5946

Testimonial from a 2023 NCCWSL attendee – 
“I have never been in such a supportive environment where women are welcome to share their beliefs and can see common ground on just about every issue. The people I met were phenomenal and I made so many meaningful connections and learned how to advocate for myself and others in order to create more equitable spaces.” ~ Caroline Connolly, UW-River Falls

And, more information on National Conference for College Women Student Leaders at:
NCCWSL is pronounced “Nick-Whistle

2024 Application – AAUW NCCWSL Application 2024

Leadership Conference for Equity
AAUW invites Students from around the world to an inspiring weekend of growth & networking!

Learn more –  2024 NCCWSL Registration Is Now Open


NCCWSL Scholarship Opportunity

National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) – Three days of leadership training, inspiration, and networking.

The acronym NCCWSL means National Conference for College Women Student Leaders. It stands for:  the opportunity to help the next generation of equity leaders to network and learn from each other!

The 2024 Conference is set for May 30- June 1. It’s virtual which gives us the opportunity to sponsor greater numbers of applicants. This year AAUW Wisconsin will support at least five nominees. AAUW will provide scholarships for their registration. We can reserve early bird slots and transfer them to selectees. We hope you will take the time to advertise and market this wonderful conference to everyone!!

Post it on your Facebook Page. Share it with your college age friends, neighbors, family, and locality. Reach out to local Universities and Technical schools, including Diversity Studies officers and faculty. Let your community know about this opportunity that AAUW offers!

NCCWSL Conference

Please spread the word among women college students who are from Wisconsin or are attending college in the state. Eligible nominees should be enrolled in a program leading to an associate degree (or equivalent), bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. They may be attending a technical college or other two or four year public or private college or university.

The best news is that our La Crosse branch will be providing a $1000 scholarship to cover registration, room and board, and airfare. AAUW-Wisconsin is also offering five $1000 scholarships. With a single application form, on our branch website:, a student will be applying for both the La Crosse Branch scholarship as well as the state scholarship.

Student applications will first be considered for the branch scholarship and then passed along for consideration by AAUW-WI. Applications are due March 7th. The AAUW-La Crosse Face Book page also contains information about NCCWSL.

In addition, students are encouraged to apply for the AAUW national scholarship through Doing so not only triples a student’s chances for receiving a scholarship but also allows for more Wisconsin college women to attend the conference.

By Jan Ericksen, NCCWSL Coordinator for AAUW La Crosse Branch

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