Renewal of Membership

There are 2 ways to pay your dues for 2023-2024:

1. Online is the easiest way to renew. After April 15th, log into the National AAUW website at
Select “Login” in the upper right-hand corner. Pay with a credit card directly through the national website. You will pay national, state and local dues at the same time.  If needed, see detailed information at the bottom of this page regarding how to renew online.

2. Mail or give a check to Ann Brice for $93.00. Please make your check payable to AAUW – La Crosse Branch. Renewal form: aauw2023mem_dues_renewal
Ann Brice
211 29th Street, S.
La Crosse, WI  54601-4312

Ann can also be contacted at:

Total 2023-24 dues amount is $93.00
For your information,
the national dues are $72.00,
the state remains at $13.00,
plus $8.00 for our branch.

Note: If your dues are not received by October 31, your name is removed from the local and national rosters.


Online Payment Detailed Instructions.

Go to:
If you are renewing, go to the LOG-IN choice above (instead of the Membership choice).
At the bottom of the first page, select RENEW.
This takes you to a page where you can update your info.

When ok, click NEXT.
The next page takes care of National. At next page you select BRANCH.

WI – La Crosse, #4016 –  will be towards the bottom. Next you will be taken to the State page to select WI. (again towards the bottom of the page).

The next page asks if you want to donate to the Greatest Needs Fund.
On the following page you will be able to edit anything you might need to change.

When everything looks okay, click NEXT.
At the end you will be able to select an option to print your renewal information.

Note: AAUW National Life Membership is $1,440 and is fully tax deductible. When you sign up before June 30, there is a $100 savings because you can upgrade to lifetime membership for $1,340.