Scholarships & Grants

By Robert Richardson, November 2023

The AAUW scholarship applications are posted below and will be sent to all area schools and colleges. The application due dates are in early February.


AAUW_Karen Wilson Scholarship

Note: Candidates for the Karen Wilson Scholarship must be nominated by AAUW-La Crosse branch members. *







Note: Candidates for our scholarship available for students attending the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse must apply through the UW-L scholarship portal.


AAUW Scholarship_Viterbo


For more information on scholarships, contact Robert Richardson, 608-788-0595,, or Sharon DeCicco, 608-788-5356,

* Each year, our AAUW Branch offers at least one scholarship designated for a non-traditional student (female 30 years or older). With this memorial scholarship, we seek to support the educational advancement of these individuals who might be continuing their collegiate education, returning to college after a hiatus, or studying in graduate school. To find these individuals, we need our branch members to nominate these women via a letter of support.

Please note: The only way for a non-traditional female student to receive AAUW-La Crosse’s Karen Wilson Memorial Scholarship is for one of our members to nominate her.


By Robert Richardson, October 2022

Before the October branch meeting, SGC members will meet at 9am in Seminar Room 103 in the School of Nursing. The committee will approve the 2023 scholarship applications and the committee timeline. An agenda with attachments will be e-mailed to members. All AAUW La Crosse Branch members (new or continuing) may join the SGC committee. If interested, please contact either of the co-chairs: Sharon DeCicco or Robert Richardson.

AAUW Members’ Cause-to-Celebrate!

by Robert Richardson, SGC Chair, 2022

During our May 2022 branch meeting ZOOMception, we enjoyed 90 minutes of refreshment. Almost all of our scholarship recipients attended (live or via pre-recorded video). They expressed appreciation in ways we cannot recapture in these written words. In one way or another, all 21 recipients described their personal and academic barrier breakings. These students represent the best and the brightest. We can count on them to make the world a better place.

During our April branch meeting, we announced our Grant recipients. Our committee members researched the recipients to document mission alignment with AAUW. Our grant recipients do the front-line work of empowerment; they make significant differences in our community.

The Scholarships & Grants Committee (SGC) thanks the Art Fair Committee and all the AAUW members who make the Art Fair a success and, thereby, provide the proceeds we use to (1) award our grants and scholarships and (2) facilitate barrier breaking for decades to come!

SGC Co-Chairs: Sharon DiCicco & Robert Richardson

SGC members: Francie Ball, Ann Brice, Jan Eriksen, Marilyn Hempstead, Betty Kruck, Mary O’Sullivan, Silvana Richardson, Carol Robertson, Sandy Sechrest, and Michele Strange.


  • Tribune Extra Effort: Sabrina Vang (Luther HS) and Brianna Zenke (Luther HS)
  • Graduating High School Seniors: Vicky Chen & Tatyana Roberts (Logan HS); Isabelle Morken (La Crescent HS); Kassie Mueller, Mai Song Xiong, & PaNhia Yang (Holmen HS)
  • Janet Isler Memorial: Brenna McDonough (Viterbo: El. Ed./ Spanish Education)
  • AAUW Bridge: Michelle Brockway (Viterbo: El. Ed./Spanish Education)
  • Holistic Nursing: Nyah Brooks (Viterbo: Nursing)
  • UW-L: Kelsey Berna (Physical Therapy), Delanie Johnson
  • (Public Health), Olivia Sarasio Meyer (Spanish Ed./TESOL), Kyler Rohde (Spanish Ed.), Erin Sime (Clinical Laboratory Science), Alexis Tate (Outdoor Recreation).
  • Viterbo: Jamey Crotteau (Accounting/Finance), Jerica Mueller (Biology), Alexis Oestreich (Psychology/Criminal Justice), McLain Thornquist (Nursing)GRANTS
  • Brighter Tomorrows of Sparta
  • New Horizons
  • Self-Sufficiency Program
  • WTC Pathways/Student Assistance/Transitions
  • YWCA Justice Circles
  • Task Force to End Modern Slavery


By Robert Richardson, Co-Chair –

Every year is a great year for the SGC. NOTE: If you would like to join this dynamic group, please let us know!

FIRST: SGC would not exist were it not for:

1) The Art Fair on the Green and all the many volunteers that make that event possible.

2) The sagacious branch leaders who invested Art Fair proceeds across 6 decades.

3) Stellar management of AAUW Funds at the La Crosse Community Foundation (LCF).

SGC meets in October to:

1) review scholarship application templates to make sure that our applicants provide
us the information that we need to make informed decisions during the review process AND

2) design the process by which we review grants-awarded and grants-to-consider.

SGC co-chairs distribute scholarship applications on November 1st.
Branch members look for women students 30 years and older to nominate for the Karen Wilson Scholarship.

SGC members research grant recipients and nominations November through January. Grant consideration is given only to those agencies which align with the AAUW mission.

SGC co-chairs confer in January with the Art Fair chair, the branch Board, and the LCF
to determine funds available to award in grants and scholarships.

SGC members meet in February to:

1) review research findings and determine grant recipients and
2) begin meeting in subcommittees to review scholarship applications (due by the first Sunday in February).

SGC co-chairs prepare materials and recommendations for the Independent Selection Committee to review. ISC validates our scholarship recipients, as required by the LCF. SGC members announce grant recipients at the April branch meeting.


AAUW Scholarship Applications 2021.

The committee gets quite active in February when we begin application reviews. And, we need YOU to nominate a woman 30 years of age and older who could benefit from AAUW support at any level of education. YOU would need to write a letter of support; the letter can be short and to the point or long and to the point. In Karen Wilson’s name, I invite YOU to nominate a deserving individual. YOU or your nominee can download the application from our AAUW-La Crosse Branch website.

Completed applications are due 02/01/22.

AAUW 2021 Members’ Cause-to-Celebrate!

A receptive 30 individuals joined us for the ZOOMception on May 8. The recipients said “thank you” in ways we cannot recapture in these written words. All members benefit from hearing our recipients speak and from realizing these scholars will continue to break barriers! Their stories refresh and inspire all in attendance! In one way or another, all 19 recipients documented their personal and academic accomplishments. Truly amazing. And because of modern technology, almost all of our recipients attended (live or via pre-recorded video).

With lesser fanfare, we announced our 10 Grant recipients during our April branch meeting. Our committee members researched the uses of the funds granted in 2020 and determined that these recipients used the grants as intended and they each deserved a renewal grant. We did have one new recipient: through a $1000 grant, we supported the Kosovo Project created by our member, Dr. Lema Kabashi to introduce Kosovan teachers, families, students to special education assessment and intervention.

Thank you S&G Committee members who researched agencies nominated for grants, read the scholarship applications, and selected the amazing cadre of recipients. Thank you Art Fair Committee members and all the AAUW members who make the Art Fair a success and, thereby, provide the proceeds we use to (1) award our grants and scholarships and (2) facilitate barrier breaking for decades to come!

Sharon DiCicco & Robert Richardson, Co-Chairs; S&GC members: Ann Brice, Betty Kruck, Carol Robertson, Francie Ball, Marilyn Hempstead, Mary O’Sullivan, Michele Strange, Sandy Sechrest, & Silvana Richardson.

2021 Scholarship Recipients

· Tribune Extra Effort (2): Sarah Kirsch, Luther HS; Maeghan Wikkerink, Sparta HS · Pat Staupe (Arts) Memorial: Lillian Bendel, Central High School
· Holistc Nursing: Anelita Larson, Viterbo University
· Janet Isler (Teacher Education) Memorial: Kiley Peterson, Viterbo University
· Karen Wilson Memorial (3): Amy Dummer, Viterbo University [Graduate Program: Servant Leadership]; Sara Pederson, Western Technical College [Radiation Therapy]; Carmen Ritter, Western Technical College [Human Services]
· UW-La Crosse (4): Oluwaseyi Adeoshun [Biomedical Science]; Jenelle Higgins [Biology/Pre-OT]; Natalie Maufort [Nuclear Medicine Technology]; Hannah Riegl [English/Economics]
· Viterbo University (2): Nyah Brooks [Nursing]; Sheridan Schmitt [Nursing]
· High School Graduating Seniors: Grace Hoskin, Onalaska High School; Natasha Komperud, Holmen High School; Ava Krause, Central High School; Alexism Sye, Holmen High School; Eden Winga, Central High School.

2021 Grant Recipients

· Brighter Tomorrows of Sparta · New Horizons
· Self-Sufficiency Program
· Kosovo Project
· YWCA Teen Lead
· Task Force to End Modern Slavery
· WTC (Western Technical College) Pathways & Transitions Scholarships + Student Assistance.

Thank you, one and all for all of your support for our Scholarships and Grants program. We receive applications from amazing students breaking all kinds of barriers. We always welcome new members to participate in decision-making and/ or to review scholarship applications (as part of one of our subcommittees consisting of 3-4 members).

Robert Richardson, 608-788-0595,,


Our virtual Art Fair continues –, and the La Crosse Community Foundation continues to accept donations on our behalf. Thank you to those who have contributed. If not yet, please consider making a donation in any amount; you may send it directly to LCF with a note that it’s for the AAUW Fund.

AAUW has a long history of advancing education and professional opportunities for women in the U.S. and around the globe. The AAUW La Crosse Branch provides local scholarships for higher education and it provides some grants to nonprofit agencies in the La Crosse community with the purpose of improving the lives of women and girls.

AAUW-La Crosse awards scholarships and grants to:  seniors graduation from local high schools; students continuing at Western Technical College, the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and Viterbo University; recipients of the Tribune Extra Effort Award and non-traditional students.  AAUW-La Crosse provides grants to participants in the: National Conference for College Women Student Leaders, UW-L Self-Sufficiency Program, Brighter Tomorrows of Sparta, HOPE Academy, YWCA La Crosse, New Horizons and the Western Technical College Foundation.

The AAUW La Crosse Branch supports the AAUW Education Foundation which is one of the world’s largest sources of funding for graduate women. This Foundation awards more than 200 fellowships and grants worth about three million dollars each year to outstanding women and nonprofit organizations. For information about the criteria, application process and deadlines for these fellowships and grants go to

For more information on scholarships, contact Robert Richardson, 608-788-0595,, or Sharon DeCicco, 608-788-5356,