Artist Application & Downloads

The AAUW Art Fair on the Green is a juried fine art fair; all new artists must jury-in in order to participate. The deadline for each year is March 31st.  If you missed the deadline and are interested in getting information for the next year, please send us an email at:

While we appreciate all things hand-crafted, not all items are appropriate for this art fair. Please review our categories to see if your art form fits:

Category Descriptions:

  1. Ceramics – earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, tile, raku
  2. Drawing/pastels – crayon, pencil, pen & ink, charcoal, pastels
  3. Fiber – basketry, weaving, leatherwork, paper
  4. Glass – blown glass, stained glass, cast glass
  5. Jewelry – silver, gold, ceramic, enamel, glass, semi-precious and precious stones. Our policy on jewelry: Jewelry must be designed and handmade by the artist. Beads are accepted, with preference given to beads made by the artist.
  6. Metalworks – cast, forged, fabricated
  7. Mixed Media (2D) – variety of materials, such as collage
  8. Mixed Media (3D) – 360 degree work variety of materials
  9. Painting – oil, watercolor, acrylic
  10. Photography – film, digital
  11. Printmaking – woodcut, hand pulling
  12. Sculpture – marble, clay, metal, wood
  13. Wood – hand-tooled or machine worked, including furniture & functional art
  14. Other (please specify)

2019 Registration for returning artists only:
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New artist applications:  Because we are a juried art fair, all new artists must jury in order to participate.  Applications for new artists are email out at the end of January each year with a deadline of March 31st of that year.  Please email us at to be put on the email list.