Study Groups

What are Study Groups?

Study groups provide an opportunity
for members to grow intellectually
and creatively, broaden their involvement
in topics of interest, become agents
for intelligent community action and meet people
who share similar interests.
Please note that anyone is always welcome to attend
any of these groups – no strings attached!
Drop in, and bring a friend, to experience fellowship
and the pleasures of lifelong learning.

AAUW In Action (AIA) …

AAUW in Action is a study group that serves as a springboard for community service activities for our branch that promote AAUW’s mission.

Next meeting: Email meeting on Tues, October 15.

We posted 2 internships at UWL: Social Media and Public Policy but
did not receive applicants for either one! Apparently students are grappling with other issues.

Lois Gilbert, who has been the indomitable chair for the International Women’s Day event in March for the past 6 years has given notice that she will not be able to chair it for 2021. We’re not sure what format it will take yet but being that it’s held around March 8th, it will more than likely be virtual.

Lois will, however, continue with the daily blurbs recognizing trailblazing women in the La Crosse Tribune to celebrate March as Women’s History Month. This will be her 6th year! Thank you so much, Lois.

We’d love to hear your ideas too. Please join us!

If you are interested in joining us for a meeting, or just knowing what we’re planning, please ask to be on our email list by sending an email to Erica at 608-366-1509 or

Previous meeting on Tues, Sept15. Talked about ways to continue our events virtually and looking at different ways to effectively pro- mote AAUW’a mission, to include:

  • Get out the Vote
  • International Women’s Day Panel
  • Women’s History Month window display
  • Promoting Equal Pay Day

AAUW Public Policy Day.
Videos available for the following sessions held in August.
Topic: Fair Redistricting and Public Education
Topic: How to be an informed voter and help Get Out The Vote

The International Women’s Day: The celebration was wonderful. Please Special Events Page for a complete recap. The Free the Girls bra collection netted 50 bras! Thank you all.
Equal Pay Day tabling at UWL: We won’t be able to host the annual Equal Pay Day tabling at UWL so we’re looking at other ways to bring awareness to this.
Pearl St. Display: Here’s a picture of the terrific window display at Pearl St Books. Thanks to Lois Gilbert, Carol Robertson and Karen Lange for their creative work!
LaX Tribune daily Women’s history blurbs: Link –  Hopefully, you’ve been reading and liking the Women’s History month daily postings on the branch Facebook and Instagram accounts. Thanks to Sydney, our social Media intern, for keeping those up-to-date! PDF file:  WHM2020TRIBUNE. You can also find them on our branch Facebook and Instagram, thanks to Sydney, our Social Media Intern.
Collecting for New Horizon: You’ve been so generous in the past; there is always a great need for the items though. You can also drop off items at the New Horizon Office: 1233 Main Street in La Crosse. For other items New Horizons needs, go to: posts/2720403104704417/?d=n

Bronze Ceiling Project: Carly Buchholz, a sophomore in one of Dr. Mahruq Kahn’s Women’s Studies classes, contacted our branch about helping with a project. We offered several suggestions and Carly chose to work on the Bronze Ceiling Project. Across the country there is a growing movement to recognize noteworthy women and their historical contributions through public monuments. Unfortunately, less than 7% of the 5,193 monuments in the United States presently recognize women. In NYC’s Central Park a new monument to Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony will be unveiled in August 2020. Lexington, KY has unveiled a sculpture representing 5 suffragists that will be placed downtown next year. Carly has written a paper about the project, put up a display at the Main Public Library in La Crosse and started a petition for La Crosse to put a similar statue in a public park. Please check out her display, up through January 2020, and sign the petition. Her goal is to reach 1000 signatures! aauw-bronze-ceiling-project/

We think Carly has done a great job of helping to raise awareness of the lack of women represented in public art and we hope to start a community dialogue about remedying that situation in La Crosse.

Contemporary Authors…

We had our September meeting at Myrick park.It was a lovely day. We socially distanced and wore masks, of course. It was really nice
to see everyone. Most everyone was able to show up. Those who didn’t feel comfortable coming emailed their feelings about the book we were discussing.

We decided to have our October meeting in the park as well, weather permitting. We discussed plans for the rest of the year but didn’t really come up with anything that was satisfactory. We didn’t really want to zoom so maybe we’ll just take a gap year.

If anyone is interested in our book list for the year, I’ll be happy to email it out. Please contact Alice Ross at

Usually meets the 3rd Tuesday of month at 2:00 pm. For meeting places and any further information, contact Alice Ross at 608-788-4206 or


Hearth & Home…

Hearth & Home study group meets monthly to explore new ideas, culinary experiences, fun activities and our area through visits to local businesses or in-home happenings.

Currently on hiatus, the group is looking for ideas and at ways to do activities.
Please contact Sharon at or 788-5356 for more information.

Note: Usually meets on a Wednesday.
Program: TBA
Time/Location: TBA

Scholarship Bridge….

TBA. Meeting times usually vary. Contact Sharon at  or 788-5356 for more information.