Diversity: There is a director for National/Wisconsin to coordinate equity information and training. June Reinert is the new AAUW-WI DE&I La Crosse Branch Coordinator.

AAUW Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan

By June Reinert, AAUW-WI DE&I La Crosse Branch Coordinator, announcing a new committee of the La Crosse Branch of AAUW!

I have volunteered to be a Branch Coordinator for a new initiative that was formed by the Wisconsin AAUW, as an extension of the National AAUW strategic plan. As DE&I branch contact to the WI AAUW DE&I Committee, part of my job is to form a group within our branch to do the following:

· Become familiar with the AAUW DE&I Tool Kit
· Educate ourselves and our branch on diversity, equity and inclusion issues. Become a resource for programming and newsletter articles
· Use the Tool Kit and webinars to create branch and/or district programing

I would like to help you become familiar with the DE&I Tool Kit that is on AAUW.org. I’ve found it easiest to just click on the following link:


Please save this link for future access. I’ve found the tool kit to be a great resource but difficult to absorb all in one sitting. There is so much information and many ideas presented plus dozens of resources that I found it was overwhelming the first time I discovered it.

At our first meeting we will get to know each other, choose a day, date and time that will (hopefully) work for everyone for future gatherings (either by Zoom or
in person) and decide how we want to proceed with the tool kit. It will be great
to network on this project and learn from each other. As a group we need to determine the best time to meet and discuss how we want to proceed. If you would be interested in being part of this group, please send me your email address.

My email address: reinert.june@eagle.uwlax.edu
My address: Eagle Crest South, 622 Bennora Lee Ct., Apt 5002, La Crosse, WI 54601.
My telephone number: 608-881-0456

Let me know if mornings, afternoons or evenings are best for you. Please let me know as soon as possible as I would like to setup a meeting ASAP. I hope to hear from you and looking forward to working with you on this important adventure.

Kim Churches . . .
Our commitment to diversity is not just among the staff at the national office, or with the nationally elected board — this must be a commitment from all of our 170,000 members and advocates around the nation who believe in our vision of equity for all. That means we must hold each other accountable, we must set bold goals and be transparent about where we are and where we are going, we must be lifelong learners in reading, listening and understanding.

This is work we must all embrace.


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