DEI Objectives

Objectives completed by the DEI Committee:  July, 2022, to Feb. 28th, 2023, update.
Committee Members:  June Reinert,  Carlene Roberts, Erica Koonmen and Diana Elina Moran Thundercloud.

Part 1:  AAUW2023DEI_03objectives_part 1

Part 2:  AAUW2023DEI_03objectives_part 2

Part 3: AAUW2023DEI_03objectives_part 3

Part 4: To be posted soon.


Note from June Reinert:
felt a need to look at what we have accomplished so far.  I think it is something to be proud of, it took all of us working independently and as a group to accomplish as much as we did.

I also wanted to include some of the other presentations that touched on diversity issues. As some of you know Erica has been also involved in “AAUW in Action” group, so I have included some of those programs that will be coming up for the rest of the year.

I also wanted to check that it is ok to include your letter, Diana.  I think it speaks well to examples of allyship.  Do I have your permission, what do you think? What does the rest of the committee think? I also took the liberty of calling our short presentations “Inclusion Infusion”  Some of the other branches DEI groups are labeling it in this way.  What do you think?

I also included my presentation for the AAUW meeting.  It has been postponed until April.  I added microaggression and intersectionality before my presentation on Creating Inclusive Spaces.  I thought if we could do that, so we would have finished all of the material up to privilege. This might be a good place to start next year.

Barb Fischer has added some of our material on the web page and she has been very helpful in including material on diversity.  I will include some of those links in my presentation.

The main area we need to be prepared for before June 30, 2023 is meeting with the leadership groups. Maybe we can generate some items by email. If you send suggestions to me, maybe I can come up with some points or an outline.  Someone can help me with that, I would appreciate that.  I think we could use May/June to meet with the committees for their input to the objectives.

I will look forward to your feedback on the objectives and accomplishments.

June Reinert